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About Us

Hands On Property is a company of realtors that first established itself in Thunder Bay before
expanding to Toronto and the surrounding municipalities. Their services include granting estimates
to homes on their market value, as well as inspecting homes to help homeowners to understand
the condition of their home before putting it on the market.

Hands On Property delivers services to its customers with the latest technologies,
offering them support with timely information and market data.

The History

Tim Thomas is the CEO of the real estate intelligent system that is used to find the market value of your property.
The contract has been made up on September, 2016. The expectation of the company is to become a leading provider
of the house appraisal market in Canada. Tim Thomas is the CEO, and provided the funds for this project.
The amount allocated for the development of this system was $35,000. UIDX worked on the real estate
intelligent system by the funds that Tim Thomas provides.